great sand dunes

GREAT SAND DUNES. Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado has the tallest dunes in North America at 750 feet. The dunes cover about 28 square miles. More interesting than the sand dunes was seeing Medano Creek and its pulsating flow of water. Periodically, a bore (a pulse of water) passed downstream looking like a small ocean wave. Here the waves were only about one inch high but they can reach as high as 10 inches. During the summertime this area can be completely dry. It is the finest example in the world of this pulsating flow phenomenon.

I shot this photo as the sun was setting over the dunes, reflecting off Medano Creek, framed by the Cottonwood trees. Shot with a 4x5 view camera with 90mm lens on color negative film. I scanned the film and used Adobe Photoshop to adjust the final image.

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